Where To Put Sofa In House

Where to put a sofa in your house

Which direction should your sofa face?

For the best amount of natural light, your sofa should be facing either the south or east part of the room. This way you will be able to enjoy your tv without the room being too dark during daylight hours. If you do not have much natural light coming in, try to place the sofa in an uncluttered space as it would look neat and tidy.

Where should a sofa be placed in the bedroom?

If you have a tv in your bedroom, it would be best to place a sofa there if the tv is not easily visible from the bed. However, if that is not a priority at the time then you should try to place the sofa either to the side of the bed next to a wall or at the foot of the bed where you are least likely to see it when you are laying or sleeping on your bed. The reason why I suggested putting a sofa on the side of the bed is so that it is easier to get out of the bed and sit on the sofa in the morning if you want to do so.

Is it ok to put a sofa in front of a window?

If the sofa does not block most of the window you should be fine to place a sofa in front of a window perfectly without much issue. Just make sure to leave a gap big enough so that you can clean and maintain your window so that you do not have to constantly move your sofa back and forth.

Does the couch have to face the tv?

Not really, you can place the sofa to the sides and the front of the tv as long you can see it fine from the 2 sides and 1 front you should be fine to place the sofa nearly anywhere within this range. Moreover, the distance your sofa is from the tv is important. The bigger the tv is the further away your sofa has to be away from your tv so you are able to see the whole screen properly.


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