Which are the best IKEA sofa beds according to reviews?

Which are the best IKEA sofa beds according to reviews? 

 There comes certain times in your life when you have unexpected guests come over and you don’t have space for them,  this is where sofa beds are the perfect option for an alternative guest bedroom. Who do you turn to for an emergency sofa bed? Not family, not friends but IKEA. Which is why we’re here to guide you to the best IKEA sofa beds review. 
 Sofa beds have mixed reviews such as they are uncomfortable to sleep on and don’t match your style aesthetically. However, the good news is that there is some IKEA sofa beds which are aesthetically stylish but are also, comfortable to sleep on. 
 Now, let’s forget all the bad points about sofa beds but let’s review the IKEA sofa bed options. 
Our first option is the Holmsund sofa bed. The Holmsund is one of IKEA’s sofa bed models, with throw pillows. This sofa bed comes in two different designs: the 3-seater sleeper sofa and the corner sofa bed. 
The corner sofa bed is a bit pricey but the 3 seater sleeper sofa is a bit more valued for money. HOLMSUND Nordvalla medium grey, Corner sofa-bed - IKEA is £679 and the 3 seater sleeper sofa HOLMSUND Nordvalla medium grey, Three-seat sofa-bed - IKEA is £599.  
The higher price for the 3 seater sofa bed is due to the additional storage seats, which is perfect for storing the sofa beds bedding and pillows. 
While the mattress cushions on the Holmsund sofa bed are a little firm for some, most adore the fact that the five back cushion pillows can be moved around and readjusted to suit your needs. It’s nice that subtle details like these can easily make it comfortable for both sleeping and sitting on for your family and guests. 
The overall design of the Holmsund  sofa bed with it’s wedged arms and five back pillows is what attracts customers most. The sofa bed is pretty deep, which allows you to put layers of throw pillows and blankets to dress it up, making it even comfier.  
If the colours available on the original Holmsund sofa bed do not appeal to you, don’t worry as this sofa bed is completely slip coverable in both designs. The slipcovers also, allow you to decorate your sofa bed to your preference without hassle. 
To find out more about reviews on other designs visit: Our top 6 IKEA sofa beds review - Comfort Works Blog & Design Inspirations (comfort-works.com) 

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