Which Argos Sofa bed is the best

Which Argos sofa bed is the best? 

Argos has a range of sofa beds from leather sofa beds to fabric sofa beds. Wondering how to choose the perfect sofa bed from Argos? Well we’re here to guide you. 
Keep in mind these simple things before buying a sofa bed. Before buying a sofa bed consider thinking about how often your sofa bed will be used. Whether it will be used everyday or occasionally for guests only. 
If you’re going to be using your sofa bed daily then it should have a sturdy frame to prevent the sofa bed being uncomfortable and to prevent the sofa bed breaking after a couple of months. Also, if you're planning to buy a sofa bed for daily use it should have a comfortable mattress and strong opening mechanism as well as we don’t want you to be having too much hassle when attempting to open your sofa bed for guests. 
Clic clac sofa beds are bed-ready in seconds. They have the added advantage of having a flip-down mattress which locks into place to form an occasional bed surface especially useful for when you have guests staying overnight. Unlike other sofa beds, they take up less space within your room but do provide a comfy place to sit and sleep for you and your guests too. 
What are clic clac sofa beds? 
Clic clac sofa beds are sofas which have an easy to fold down mechanism, which can be easily folded into a bed position. Clic clac sofa beds are operated with a simple push and release mechanism which makes a click clack sound when used hence why the name clic clac sofa beds.  
Here is Argos’s cheapest 2 seater clic clac sofa bed: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3578704?clickPR=plp:1:5 
Different types of sofa bed mechanisms  
Fold out mattress- The fold out mattress has a foam base which folds out into a mattress. 
Clic clac mechanism- In one quick and easy step the backrest of this sofa bed pushes down flat then clicks into position to make it a sofa but also, a bed to sleep on. 
Pull out frame- Under the cushions of the sofa bed is a spring-loaded metal bed frame which is pulled up and out of the sofa to become the bed. 
A - frame sofa bed- Pulling the lower front of the sofa forwards unfolds the frame into a sleeping surface. 

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