Which double bed is best?

Here at Furnitureful we’re on a mission to provide you with top quality beds at affordable prices. Naturally, one of the most popular bed sizes available on the market today is the double bed but this doesn’t mean that finding the perfect one for you is as easy as you might think. It’s common for people to get lost amongst the styles, colours and features of beds without considering practically what they really need. So, today we’re going to break down everything about double beds to show you whether a double bed is what you need or perhaps a different sized bed.

What are the dimensions of a double bed?

A double bed is a bed size that falls between a single bed and a queen bed. Although not the largest bed on the market, it has fairly spacious dimensions, coming in at a length of 190 cm and a width of 135 cm. 

Personally, we couldn’t recommend this bed size enough and recommend that you check out our range of Ottoman double beds with mattresses here.

Also known as the full bed, it is primarily targeted towards couples and those who want a little more room whilst sleeping. 

Is it better value than other beds?

Now, if you're a single individual looking to save money, then probably not. However, if you're a couple and you want to buy something that will truly last and give you a good night’s rest, then a double bed is the one for you! We’ve considered many factors when assessing the value of a double bed against other beds such as space, price and privacy and we’re sure that you’ll be able to pick out its suitability for you based on your circumstances.

In terms of space, without a doubt, the double beats most beds whether for single people or couples because you can never have too much room, can you? On the other hand, it’s no match for the colossal king size (150 x 200cm) or the gigantic super king size (180 x 200cm).

Most double beds tend to be mid-range in terms of price, however, it can be quite expensive for those who don’t have the extra cash to spare. Be mindful of this and yet, the value of a double bed is difficult to beat, making it well worth the price.

For those couples keen on room and privacy, a king size or even a super king size may be the best choice overall. Most couples make do with a double, but if you have the cash (or a desire for space!) then what’s stopping you from buying a bed whose popularity speaks for itself?

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