Which Hybrid Mattress Is The Softest?

Which hybrid mattress is the softest?

When it comes to hybrid mattresses, there are so many to choose from. The ‘softest’ mattress may vary depending on the type of sleeper you are as each person is different. It depends on personal preference, your sleeping position, weight and in general: what works for you.

Hybrid mattresses offer a soft, comfortable, and supportive sleep as they consist of two components:

  • Memory foam
  • Springs

The best solution to find out what mattress is the softest is to try them out! You could try going in store. If you’re buying online, check if you can get a free trial too. Below are some of the best soft hybrid mattresses that people love, are soft, have great reviews and ratings.

1. Helix Sunset

A soft and luxurious mattress, great for many different types of sleepers as it has different models to accommodate for different sleepers and weight. This hybrid mattress consists of many layers of support including memory foam, latex foam, and individually wrapped coils.

2. Ghost bed 3d matrix

A soft and cosy mattress, offering a thermal conductive layer of gel that offers a cooler sleep – adjusting to body temperature and weight. This layer is infused with the top comfort layer. This bed also has memory foam that contours and stretches to the shape of the body, as well as consisting of individually wrapped coils to offer lumbar support.

3. Linenspa

This is another great and popular choice for a soft hybrid mattress. This is also the number 1 best seller on Amazon for mattresses, and as any other hybrid mattress has a combination of inner springs and hypoallergenic memory foam to offer comfort and support. This mattress also is finished off with a comfortable knit cover and compressed in a box!

4. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid 

Consist of copper- infused foam to give hot sleepers a cooler sleep and distribute weight for comport and spine alignment support. Mattress also has coils to support back pain, and the body. This mattress also comes in different firmness levels: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), and firm (7).

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