Which Sofa Filling Is The Best?

Which sofa filling is the best?

What is a sofa filling?

Sofa cushion fillings are typically created from three types of foam and these foam, feather and fibre. The majority of sofas are filled with a mixture of all three foams to provide various levels of support and relaxation. 

The three types of sofa cushion fillings are:

Foam filling- Foam sofa cushioning keeps its shape no matter how long it has been in use and it provides a firmer level of support. This type of sofa filling is also very low maintenance this is because this type of sofa cushioning does not need to be constantly plumped and adjusted, however it is recommended to plump the cushions occasionally. There are two types of foam density low foam density and high foam density. Low foam density has a lot more give and high foam density is a lot bouncier and firmer.

Fibre filling- Fibre fillings are typically created from polyester and allow you to feel as if you are sinking right into the sofa and that is something we all want when purchasing a new sofa. There are two more popular types of fibre sofa filling, and these are blown fibre and pocket fibre. Blown fibre offers a softer feel and pocket fibres offer a springier feel. The fibre filling is high maintenance and will require increased amounts of plumping and upkeep compared to the foam filling, this filling is generally used for the back of the sofa and the arm of the sofa.

Feather filling- The feather filling is of course the softest filling out of all three, the feather filling is usually made from duck feathers. The feather sofas are extremely luxurious and comfy, but they also require a great deal of upkeep and plumping in comparison to both the foam and fibre fillings. If you want the support of a foam filling and the softness of the feather filling, you could opt a for a foam feather blend which will give you the best of both worlds. 

Should you go for a foam filling or a fibre filling for your sofa?

If you are deciding between the foam filling and the fibre filling, you don’t need to worry as the decision isn't going to be that difficult to make. This is because most sofas have a blend of both the fibre sofa cushion filling and the foam sofa filling, fibre is also mixed with feathers too. When you have a blend of the fillings you receive both support and comfort as each filling offers its own quality, the foam offers support and the feather and fibre offer softness and comfort.

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