Which Style Of King Size Bed Is The Largest?

Which style of king size bed is the largest?

The largest king sized bed is the Alaskan king sized bed.

What is an Alaskan king sized bed?

An Alaskan king sized bed is the largest king sized bed and its name is inspired by one of North America’s largest landmasses because of its size. The Alaskan king sized bed was created in America but the name has become known internationally.

How big is the Alaskan king sized bed?

The exact dimensions of an Alaskan king sized bed are 108 inches in length by 108 inches in width, which is absolutely massive. Though, the size of the bed can seem fascinating and brag worthy in reality the size of the bed is to big and can actually be more of a problem than anything else. It will be extremely difficult to find bed linens and covers in this size, you will likely have to have the bed covered specially made. Also, this bed won’t fit in the majority of bedrooms, the only ways this size of a bed will fit is if the bedroom is extremely large.

Who would buy an Alaskan king sized bed?

Alaskan beds are an extremely luxurious purchase and are extremely expensive, this price of these beds is enough to put anyone off the idea of purchasing one. The cost of Alaskan king size beds is very high which is why this style of bed is mostly purchased by the extremely wealthy, as they are the only ones who can afford to purchase it as well as have the space for it in their homes.

There are some niche uses for an Alaskan king sized bed such as having a large family or having pets. Some families like to sleep all together in the same bed and if that is you and your family then the Alaskan king sized bed maybe the ideal bed for you.

However, a more cost effective and less expensive bed is the super king size bed. These beds are smaller than the Alaskan king size bed but are larger than the standard king sized beds and provide enough room.

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