Why are bed slats important?

Why are bed slats important?

What is a bed slat?

Bed slats are a base that is designed for a bed. Bed slats are several linked wooden bars are placed from one end of the frame to the other. The slats are crafted from durable wood such as pine or beech, these slats work with your mattress to enable additional support. There are two types of slat choices you can choose from and these are solid slats or sprung slats. 

Why are bed slats important?

Bed slats are important because they provide support for the bed frame and your mattress to allow a more comfy and supported sleep. Bed slats also help to improve airflow from one side of the bed to the other which will help to the mattress stay adequately ventilated and fresher for longer.   

There are two types of slats you can choose from solid slats and sprung slats. The main difference between solid and sprung slats is how they are joined to the bed and the structure they use.  

Solid slats

Solid slats are suggested if you would rather an receive comfort and support from only your mattress, an example of this is a medium firm mattress could feel softer if it has the support of sprung slats, this is because they have not as much resistance as solid slats do. Similarly, a firmer mattress might not feel as firm as you would like if your bed frame has sprung slats.  

Solid slats offer an excellent dispersal of pressure due to its structure. The even dispersal aids with back support and a solid base also absorbs movement which a sprung base does not do. This improves sleep and reduces disruptions when you are sleeping next to someone and they are moving around during the night.  

Advantages of solid slats:

  • Solid slats have an extended life span this because the slats are flat and are attached to the bed frame, this will help increase the life span as the pressure will be distributed evenly throughout all the slats. If a slat does break, the bed slat is very straightforward to replace. However, this is not expected to happen except if there is a frailty or defect in the wood that was used for the slat.   
  • Solid slats provide substantial support for the back as they can adjust to different weights and offer more firmness. A bed that has solid slats is not only an advantage for your own health but also the health of the mattress too. This is because it provides the relaxation, flexibility and assistance that is essential. As well as maintaining the longevity of the mattress by keeping it ventilated and fresh.

Disadvantage of solid slats:

  • The main disadvantage of solid slats is that they wear out your mattress much faster then sprung slats do. 
  • As the bed slats age, they start to sag and will stop providing adequate support to your mattress. This is because there are no upward forces pushing into them during the day, so they can’t hold their shape for long.

Sprung slats

Sprung slats imitate the structure of springs, are joined to the bed in a way that allows them to bend and push upwards. They provide the bed with a spongy and bouncy feel, and work as shock absorbers for the mattress. The bed slats are joined one by one to the frame and each slat holds the pressure independently contrasting to the solid slats where the pressure is distributed across the entire bed base. 

Advantages of sprung slats:

  • Sprung slats work as shock absorbers, twisting under the mattress and absorbing most of the pressure.
  • The sprung slats also increase the longevity of the mattress. As the sprung slats do not bend under the weight and stay flat it prevent you from sinking into the mattress as the slats support most of the pressure. 

Disadvantages of sprung slats:

  • The first disadvantage of sprung slats is they have a shorter life span. This is because majority of the tension and pressure is put on each specific slat, which could make them become weaker as the weight is not dispersed evenly across the bed frame. This can result in broken slats that will need to be changed. If broken slats go undetected then splitting wood on the slats could possibly cause wear and tear to the bottom of the mattress.  
  • Bed slats generally move with you whilst you are moving around in bed. As some people choose to have a bouncier bed, they can cause you to have a disturbed sleep for both you and your significant other if either of you tend to move around during the night.


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