Why Do Pillowcases Turn Yellow?

Why do pillowcases turn yellow?

If you have ever wondered or have been concerned about why your pillow has turned yellow then this blog is for you as we are going to discuss all the possible reasons for the discolouration of your pillow. The most popular reason that your pillow could discolour and turn yellow is because of sweat. Though, there are other reasons for this too such as going to sleep with wet hair, lotions and oils from the skin absorbing into the pillow. Moisture is another possible cause this is because when moisture or sweat is lingering on a pillow for an extended period of time, the pillow will start to turn yellow.

What are the potential causes of pillow discolouration?

Moisture- Moisture is absolutely everywhere and I’m not just talking about the moisture outside but the moisture that is living inside of your home. The level of humidity inside your home can affect the discolour of the pillow too. Whilst you are sleeping the moisture from your hair and perspiration whilst you are sleeping can also impact the longevity of your pillow and any bedding you are using.

If you are someone who doesn’t dry their hair before they go to sleep, the moisture in your hair can also affect the longevity of the pillow too. Not drying your hair before going to sleep will cause the pillow to turn yellow as well as age it a lot faster.

Perspiration is another crucial factor that enables the discolouration of your pillows. Whilst you sleep you perspire, the average person loses around 1 litre of water during the night, this water has to be released somehow. It is released through your urine obviously and your sweat. The sweat then seeps into your pillow and causes it to change colour.

Saliva is another reason your pillow may be turning yellow. If you are someone who drools a lot then this may be your cause.

Skin and lotions- The oils from your skin can cause the discolouration of your pillow and your comforter but it would take years. However, the oils and lotions that you apply before you go to bed will be the real culprits as these also cause yellow staining. To help with this all you will need to do is use a protective pillow case which should protect the pillow.

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