Why Do They Call A Single Mattress A Twin Mattress?

Why do they call a single mattress a twin mattress?

The term twin bed first originated in America and the term came from hotels. Hotels would place two single beds in a room and then call it a twin room this is because the beds came as pairs. However, twin beds and single beds are exactly the same and are interchangeable. In the earlier days, the term single bed use to be a lot more popular but now calling the bed a twin bed has become a well-known term for the bed too. You can purchase the beds in pairs and some twin beds are designed to be bought together but that isn’t necessary, you can just buy one bed

What are the dimensions of a twin bed?

The twin bed dimensions are 38 inches in width by 75 inches in length. The dimensions of this bed make it the smallest mattress that is available other than mattresses that are specially made for cribs and bassinets. The twin bed or the single bed is only designed for one person to sleep on, and you can clearly tell this by the measurements of the bed

However, the dimensions of a twin XL are completely different and are not the same as a single bed. The dimensions for this bed are 39 inches in width by 80 inches in length, this bed gives you 5 additional inches of length which gives you a lot more legroom. The twin XL is ideal for individuals who are over 6 feet as the legroom is ample compared to the standard twin bed.

Who should purchase a twin bed?

Twin beds are generally recommended for young children and teenagers and in some cases adults too. But the best fit for a twin bed is a young child this is because it’s the perfect transitional bed from their toddler bed to their big bed. Adults can use twin beds too but it may feel cramped and if that is the case then the twin XL would be a great choice or even a double bed too. A double bed is perfect for a single sleeper who is looking for a little extra bed space to stretch out on. Don’t be fooled by the name the double bed is designed with only one sleeper in mind. Though two people can share a double bed, it may feel tight and cramped.

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