Why Does My Bed Squeak?

Why does my bed squeak?

Beds squeaking can be caused by the movement of the bed frame, it can also be caused by loose screws, bad mattress choice and even the age of the bed, as an old bed can start squeaking to say it’s getting old and needs replacing.

What does it mean if my bed is squeaking?

Most of the time bed when beds start to speak it suggests that the bed doesn’t have enough support and if the bed doesn’t have the support it needs, it isn’t going to be giving you the best sleep.

How to stop it?

To prevent the bed from squeezing there are a few things you can do for example, 

  • Tightening your bed frame 
  • Add padding 
  • Bug a new bed frame 
  • Add layers to the foundation. 

Metal bed frames:

Metal or iron beds squeak due to movement in the joints, this could happen because the bed hasn’t been tightened properly and a screw is loose. There could also be a defect with the bolt itself. And if that is the case then I suggest you buy a different bolt to replace the broken one.

Wooden bed frames:

It is common for wooden beds to squeak because of loose joints. When 2 components are not placed together right they rub together each time creating creaks every time you sit or move around in bed. Loose joints are common in old beds. The quality of wood used to make the bed frame also takes apart, as if your bed is made with low-quality wood, it doesn’t last very long and is bound to have faults. So make sure to pick an excellent quality wooden frame.

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