Why Is Mattress So Firm?

Why is mattress so firm?

A new mattress will generally be a lot firmer than a mattress that been used for a long period of time as the older mattress would have been broken in. The firmness in a new mattress is caused by the foam layer.  The more you use and sleep on your mattress, the weight from your body will loosen the foam and mould and shape more into your sleeping position. 

How to make your mattress softer:

1.Swap the mattress for a softer model- you can check the booklet that has come with your mattress to see if your mattress has a sleep trial and if its still legitimate. If you still think you would benefit from a soften option after having slept on the mattress then you can always consider exchanging it for a different one.

2.Breaking the mattress in- Most brand-new mattresses are firmer than you may accept, so you will need to sleep on them to allow them to soften. This is because sleeping on the mattress will aid in the distributing the stuffing and helps to make the mattress more comfortable. This is one of the many reasons why almost all mattresses come with a sleep trial this is because it allows the mattress time to adapt. Some mattress trials can last up to 1 year so you can see whether the mattress is the best fit for you and if isn’t then you can choose an alternative one that isn’t as firm. Mattresses such as memory foam react to a person’s body heat which can help the mattresses to feel softer.  

  1. Buy a softer mattress topper- Buying a mattress topper is a popular and fast solution to help your firm mattress feel softer. Mattress toppers are placed on the top of your mattress and can give an extra layer of comfort to your mattress. A mattress topper that has a softer firmness rating will immediately make your mattress feel a lot comfier.
  2. Flip your mattress- Before flipping your mattress you should check the mattresses care guide as that will tell you if the mattress needs rotating and how often you should rotate it. flipping your double-sided mattress regularly will help to keep your mattress comfortable and increase the longevity of the mattress. Flipping the mattress will also evenly distribute the comfort filling which will help your mattress reach a perfect firmness. 
  3. Replace your bed frame or bed slats- You should examine your bedframe to see the type of slats it has. Solid slats will make your mattress a lot firmer as their purpose is to add additional support by providing pressure to your mattress. To help make your mattress softer, you could purchase a bed frame that has sprung slats, because sprung slats have a more padded support and move with your mattress whilst you are sleeping.
  4. Invest in a new divan base- A strong platform base will make your mattress firmer this is because the strong, flat surface offers a larger amount of support to your mattress. However, is has no ‘give’. It is suggested to replace the solid base with a sprung base because they give a more luxurious type of support. This is because the base lightly holds the mattress whilst you are sleeping rather than having a solid flat surface.   
  5. Make your room warmer- Memory foam mattresses have temperature sensitivity, as these mattresses react to heat, you could try making your bedroom warmer. As this could help to soften the mattress. If you do not wish to change the temperature of your bedroom, you could place a hot water bottle under the duvet before you go to bed. The purpose of this is to help soften your mattress before you lay on top of it, and it will make your sleep extra cosy and comfortable. 
  6. Changing your sleeping position- An easy solution to fixing your firm mattress and making it feel softer is to change the way you sleep. If your mattress is feeling to firm, then you could try sleeping on your back or stomach. This is because certain firmness ratings are more suitable for specific sleeping positions to correctly support your joints.

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