Why Is My Divan Bed Creaking?

Why is my divan bed creaking?

Have you ever experienced how excruciatingly painful it is to lie in bed being afraid to move in fear of accidentally triggering the incessant creaking your divan bed makes? If that is the case, then hopefully this blog can help you first and foremost identify the cause of the creaking and help to resolve the problem too.

What are some of the potential causes of a creaking divan bed and how do we solve the problem?

A divan bed comes in two pre-made box bases that are then linked together, the method of linking the bed is different with each manufacturer. If you purchase a more expensive divan bed that is top of the range like the Tempur, then have a metal bar at both the top and bottom of the bed base that links both pieces together. If your divan bed is in more of the mid-range price bracket, then it will probably have a plastic linking bar rather than a metal bar. Regardless of the fixing method, whether it's bolts, screws, or linking bars, they can all become loose over time. This is the most likely cause of the annoying creaking your divan bed is making. This is generally an easy fix, as all you need to do is tighten them again.

If you are trying to tighten the linking devices or bolts, you should check the instructions that were given to you when you purchased the bed. When you are tightening the bolt, you will need assistance from another person as this is a two-person job. This is because the bed will need to be turned over or tilted on its side so you can check it. Then you will need to either use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten both sections, so they are secured and unable to move. If there is a metal linking bar then you could give lubrication a go. You can lubricate the joints with WD40 to help to ease the friction.

You can also check the headboard as this may be another cause of the creaking. The headboard should be secured correctly so it is unable to move back and forth. If you have tried everything and examined the whole bed frame and nothing has worked, then you should have a look at the mattress. When you are moving around in bed the springs in the mattress could be causing the creaking noise, and if that is the case then your mattress has likely gone past its sell-by date and needs to be replaced.

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