Why is my Mattress Squeaking?

Why is my mattress squeaking?

A box spring is generally the cause of a squeaky mattress. Fortunately, majority of box springs can be repaired at home with a quick fix this is because the squeak is possibly from the wood frame. 

How to fix a squeaky mattress


  • Rotate your mattress- Usually a squeaky mattress is a sign that its time to get a new mattress, you can also try filliping or rotating the mattress to see if that makes a difference. It is important for you to flip and rotate your mattress every three month no matter if it squeaks or not. However, if the squeak is coming from the spot where you normally sleep, then rotating the mattress should help reduce the power of the squeak for the time being.
  • Cushion with plywood- If you have tried flipping and rotating the mattress and you still can hear the squeaking then you may want to try and putting a thin piece of plywood underneath the mattress. This will really help if you have box springs to help the base become more form and decrease the squeaking for a period.

  • Getting a new mattress- A mattress that has squeaky bed springs generally will need to be replaced with a newer mattress. The hybrid mattress or the foam mattress might be some options for you take into consideration when looking for your upgrade. This is because an all-foam mattress won’t give the issue of a squeaky spring. It’s important that if you do decide to purchase a new mattress that you get rid of your old one properly.
  • The other potential cause of the squeak you are hearing is coming from the bed frame or the box springs. There are ways to fix a squeaky bed frame or box springs, and these include:


  • Checking the joints- Loose bolts are one of the main reasons why a bed frame is squeaking. Prior to taking any big steps, you should look at the bed frames joints to see if there are any loose bolts that you need to tighten. You might want to loosen the joints with WD-40 to reduce the chances of a reappearance.   
  • Cushion the slats- Another common reason for a squeaky bed frame is the result of the slats rubbing against the bed frame. To silence any sound coming from the slats, you can use old socks, shirts or even towels and make use of them as a barrier between the slats and the frame of the bed to make a noise cancelling cushion. 
  • Oil the frame- if your bed frame is metal then you can take the WD-40 and rub it onto the guilty joint. Alternatively, if you have a wooden bed frame you can try using beeswax or candle wax.
  • Use cork- If you do not wish to use any kind of lubricant on your wooden bed, you can try and push pieces of cork in between the squeaky wood to minimise any noise. The cork will bolster the two pieces, decreasing the sound of the squeak for a short amount of time.  
  • Add floor padding- if you have tried everything and still can seem to workout the cause of the squeaky, you might want to look at the floor. An unequal floor can also be the cause of an unstable or squeaky bedframe. To balance out this unevenness you can add padding by using towels, old t-shirts, or folded sheets under the legs of the frame.
  • Purchase a new bed frame- if you have done everything you can think of and still can’t fix the squeak, then I think its time for a new mattress. You will want to go for a multipurpose bedframe that will work the setup that you already have. You should make sure that the bed frame is well made so you do not have this issue again.

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