Why Is My Ottoman Bed Creaking?

Why is my ottoman bed creaking?

An ottoman bed is a bed that has a large amount of storage that is hidden under the mattress at the base of the bed. To access the storage space, you will need to lift the base of the bed using the gas lift hydraulics system.

Causes of a creaky ottoman bed:

You may start to notice that your ottoman bed may start to crease which is incredibly annoying so to help you fix this problem you will need to know some of the potential causes of the creaking. Generally, if you hear squeaking from your ottoman bed it will be because of the friction between the different parts of the bed rubbing against each other, majority of ottoman beds are made from wood or metal.

Loose joints could also be a potential cause of the squeaking. All beds have joints including ottoman beds, regardless of if the bed is made from metal or wood. If the joints start to become loose this will cause the bed to start to creak or squeak. The squeaking noise will also become more prominent when you get into bed and get out of bed.

Another possible cause of the squeaking could be friction between the joints. Every joint has mechanical friction force and the more you use the bed the more the friction is present.

Ottoman beds have two parts, the underneath part of the bed which is designed for storage and the upper half which is for the mattress to be placed on. Often what happens is the springs in the mattress snap or break and this is what causes the squeaking or creaking. To fix this problem you will most likely need to purchase a new mattress.

There could also be friction coming from the bed frame and the floor rubbing together, this could be because the floor is uneven which makes the bed uneven, too. If this is the case, then friction will start to occur which will cause the creaking to take place.

How to fix a creaking ottoman bed?

If you are experiencing creaking coming from your ottoman bed, then some of these steps and tips can hopefully help you resolve or minimise the problem.

The first thing you should do is go around the bed and re-tighten all the joints, you can do this with a screwdriver, if this is the issue once you have tightened all the joints then you shouldn’t hear any more creaking or squeaking. To test if this has worked you can shake the bed or get into and out of the bed to see if you can hear anything and if you can't then the problem is solved.

You can also try and minimise the amount of friction. To do this you must make sure the frame of the bed is symmetrical with the floor, you can check this after you have completed the first step of tightening all the joints. If the joints are even, then there shouldn’t be any squeaking.

The floor also may be an issue so you can try and adjust the bed frame to the floor. Make sure that the floor and the ottoman are at an even place.

And lastly changing your mattress may be the only fix to stopping the creaking. If you have done all the previous steps and nothing has worked, you can check to see if the springs in your mattress are broken. If that is the case then you will need to buy a new one.

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