Why Should You Buy A King Size Bed?

Why should you buy a king size bed?

A king size mattress is known to be luxurious. With ample space, you can spread yourself out actually the mattress and experience optimum comfort. You can snuggle up with you partner or your children without feeling cramped and short of space.

5 reasons why you should buy a king size bed:

1. A king size mattress gives you more bed space- The obvious reason why should purchase a king size mattress is the increased bed space you will be receiving. A king size mattress is a must if you are sharing your bed with your partner as it allows each individual 38 inches of their own space this is because the full width of a king size bed is 76 inches. A queen size bed is 60 inches in width which only gives each person 30 inches each, the king size bed gives each person 8 additional inches of bed space.

2. You and your partner can have your own space- Everyone knows a bedroom is a lot more than just a place to sleep, it’s a place you go to relax may read a book or watch some tv or spend time with your family. This is why a king size bed is perfect as it allows you enough space for all these activities. With a king size bed you and your partner will both have your own space which is perfect if your both in bed but doing different things, for example one person could be watching some tv whilst the other is folding laundry and because the king size mattress is really each person can complete what they are doing without being disturbed by the other.

3. Perfect size for family time- The king size bed is perfect for those family movie nights as it is big enough to fit the whole family. The king size mattress isn’t only big enough for you and your partner but the rest of the family too which makes spending time together and cuddling in a bed a real treat as everyone is comfortable and isn’t feeling cramped.

4. You will get a better night's sleep- With a king size bed you will have improved sleep. When you are sharing a bed it can be difficult because each person has their own sleeping habits and positions, whether one person sleeps on their back whilst the other sleep on their front. With a king sized bed you can both sleep the way you want without the other person being affected which will improve both people's sleep.

5. Aesthetically pleasing- A king sized bed will make your bedroom look stylish and modern. There is a range of styles to choose from when it comes to king sized beds, so you can choose a style of bed that fits the décor of your bedroom.

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