Will A Full-Size Mattress Fit Into A Minivan?

Will A Full-Size Mattress Fit Into A Minivan?

Moving can be a stressful process, and the last thing you want to worry about is your mattress not fitting into what you’re using for transport. Luckily we’ve compiled some information that you might find useful when planning for a big move.

So what type of minivan do you have? If you don't know what type of minivan you have, here’s a short guide to figuring it out..

You simply check out the rear windows and amount of seats.
If you have only front windows and 2 seats, you likely have a compact van model.

If you have just windows in the sliding door and 4 seats, you have a double cab-in van model.

If you have windows in the back all the way and 6+ seats, you probably have a combi model.

With each type of minivan layout provided, here’re the dimensions of each (LxWxH) compact van: 87" x 59" x 49" - 2200mm x 1500mm x 1250mm
combi and double cab-in van: 71" x 57" x 49" - 1800mm x 1450mm x 1250mm
combi and double cab-in van extra long: 85" x 57" x 49" - 2150mm x 1450mm x 1250mm

With these measurements in mind, the average queen-size mattress will likely fit into a compact van without the passenger seats, though shorter models may struggle to fit a mattress of that size. Minivans of the same model but with passenger seats in the back will also struggle with queen-sized mattresses.

An alternative solution is to simply tie the mattress to the top of the van. This requires some serious care, as failing to properly tie the mattress up may result in accidents which are much harder to solve when driving. A mattress bag is a recommended purchase for this method, saves the effort of cleaning the mattress before setting it up in your new home.

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