Will Memory Foam Pillows Get Softer?

Will memory foam pillows get softer?

A newer memory foam pillow may feel cold and hard but after a few hours of laying on it, it will soften up as it responds to your body heat.

How can I make my memory foam pillow softer?

You can put pressure onto the pillow to break the foam apart, you can warm the temperature, however over time it does tend to pillow softer. You can also speed up the process of making your memory foam pillow softer by wrapping it around an electric blanket.

Why is memory foam so hard?

Memory foam is hard due because it is sensitive to temperature and in cold climates, it tends to harden up, but factors such as body heat tend to soften up the material and make it more comfortable. And makes the material more flexible.

How long does it take for the foam to soften up?

It usually takes up to 2-4 weeks, the reason it takes so long is that the memory foam hasn’t been exposed to heat and has been encased for so long that it doesn’t react well at first, however after the memory foam Is exposed to heat it will soften up within a few weeks.

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