Will My Sofa Fit Through The Front Door?

Will my sofa fit through the front door?

A sofa will not fit through the front door if the sofa is too wide for the door. One way to fit a sofa through the door frame would be to remove the door from the door frame to get an extra couple of inches to be able to fit the sofa through the door. However, if you do not want to fit the sofa through the front door, you can try the back door since it may be wider than the front door making it easier to fit the sofa with ease since some people have a double door to access the garden. To make sure if the sofa will fit through the door make sure to measure the dimensions of the door when being compared to the sofa you want to fit through the door.

What size sofa fits through a standard door?

Usually, a sofa that is about 36 inches would be enough to fit through a standard door frame. So, if your door frame is about 33 or 34 inches you will be able to get away with it if you place the sofa at an angle to fit it through the door. If you are worried about the door frame being scratched or damaged from moving a sofa that you just bought don’t worry about it since the sofa should be in a box so no damage should be done to either your door frame or newly purchased or preowned sofa.

What if the sofa does not fit through the door?

If the sofa does not fit through the door, you can always try buying a replacement sofa, so you have something more compact and easier to move about. If you have a modular sofa, it will make the whole process of having one moving it about when you need it to will be much more helpful and will lessen the chances of causing damage to your home and other bits of furniture that may get damaged when the sofa is being moved. If you need to split the sofa if possible as it would make moving the sofa simpler.

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