Simple guest bed ideas for your living room

All throughout the year, we can expect to have guests at different times. Whether that be New Year, Easter or Christmas time - every season poses an opportunity to gather with friends and family. However, that might be difficult if you are lacking in space or you don't have a designated guest bedroom for people to stay in. This might mean that you only have your living room as a space to host your visitors, so when you are decorating it you may have this in the back of your mind. To help with this we have put together some space saving ideas for your guests that will create the perfect experience for you and them.

When designing your living area with your potential guests in mind follow these steps:

Imagine your living room empty 

Consider your room with no furniture - the walls and flooring are entirely empty. When you do this you can pay close attention to what things can stay in the room and what things need to be removed. If you are rearranging your living room with your guest in mind, it is important to see it through your visitor's eyes. Will they feel cramped surrounded by your personal belongings cluttered in the corners or floor of your space? This is a good exercise for yourself and may also help trigger a spring cleaning session that is will benefit you as the homeowner. Removing objects is always easier, so explore what you can do to refresh your space simply by removing certain items. You might notice that certain things may complement the furniture in your main bedroom, for example, the large collection of cushions all over your sofa may complement your upholstered ottoman bed or the throw that is too bright for the room, may look better across your mattress instead.

Choose a focus point

The fireplace is generally the natural centre point in a living room with one. However, you could want to bring attention to something else, such as a great picture, a statement-making piece of furniture (like a pull out sofa bed, which we will come to later), or a stunning view from your window. Take some time to remove everything on or around your room's main point that detracts from it once you've determined it.

Step back and look at the flow of the room

It's simply easier to arrange furniture in certain spaces than in others. Try stepping back and capturing a few quick photographs from the doorway if you're having difficulties placing the furniture in the appropriate place. Is there a large piece of furniture blocking your view into the room, or is there a clear and straightforward path to enter and exit?

Now that you have done these things, think about the specific furniture pieces. Here at Furnitureful, we think the best space-saving option that you can choose is to buy a sofa bed for your living room. 

Buy a sofa bed for your living area 

If you frequently have visitors and don't have the luxury of having an extra bedroom, a sofa bed might be a terrific way to create a flexible living room. A sofa bed sometimes works best in a separate sitting room, rather than an open-plan area. This is so it can be a private area for whoever is sleeping there. However, if that is not possible, it can still be used in any space providing you make it comfy for them. You can get more tips on that here

Sofa beds are a mixture of sofa and bed and they can be interchanged throughout the day. Many people buy a sofa bed in place of a sofa for this very reason. Over time it has had a bad reputation of being the type of bed that creaks and gives you a bad back. but there are many reasons why it can be the best choice for you, especially if you have a smaller space. You can read more about this in our blog on 6 reasons why a sofa bed is way better than a sofa. 

We hope these tips have helped you create the relaxing living room that both you, your family and your guests deserve. Make sure out another sleeping option which saves space such as our grey upholstered ottoman beds - a perfect addition to your home for your main bedroom!

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